July 16, 2022

Enjoy Authentic Afghan Cuisine at Bistro Aracosia

When it comes to Afghan cuisine, it’s what’s not in the kitchen that really determines the level of authenticity. That’s why Bistro Aracosia’s chef strictly prohibits GMOs, preservatives, MSG, and added hormones in his kitchen. You also won’t find a microwave or any other quick-cooking tools—everything is prepared the old-fashioned way, using methods that may take more time, but produce more delicious results. What’s more, almost all of the menu items are gluten-free and Halal, and many of the plates are paleo-friendly, as well.

So you can rest assured that a delicious, healthy meal awaits you at Bistro Aracosia regardless of any dietary restrictions or preferences. Begin the feast with the mazza, or appetizers. The signature mixed grill gives you a snapshot of the entire menu with a single platter, one that contains grilled lamb chops, lamb tenderloin, beef tenderloin, and spicy herb chutney. Meanwhile, the kadoo turnovers are meat-free, packed with roasted butternut squash, and served with a garlicky yogurt sauce for dipping. For the main course, savor a meat-laden kabob, try a gluten-free qorma plate, or tuck into a lavish entree like the spicy beef dumplings or lamb shank and risotto.

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