May 14, 2022

Bottomless Balkan Tapas Await at Ambar

If you’ve never experienced Balkan cuisine, the bottomless dinner option at Ambar is a must. For a flat fee of $45 (plus $25 for bottomless beverages), you’ll get to taste-test as many of the Eastern European small plates as you like. Just make sure you arrive a few hours before the kitchen closes to allow enough time to really enjoy the experience!

Start with some of the spreads and charcuterie. Expect to see dishes you might not be totally familiar with, like the Kajmak spread with cow’s milk and clotted cream, the Ajvar—a roasted pepper and eggplant relish—and the Urnebes, a roasted red pepper relish infused with an emulsion made from aged cow cheese. Each spread comes with fresh pita bread and chunks of crusty sourdough for dipping. But don’t fill up on bread, because the main tapas menu includes everything from pork-belly-stuffed cabbage and beef short rib goulash to Balkan beef sausage kabobs and crispy skin-on rainbow trout. Complement your meal with bottomless glasses of mango lemonade or mojitos, then round out the feast with raspberry cake and baklava for a small additional fee.

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