October 28, 2021

Linger Over a Latte at Gregory’s Coffee

New to DC, Gregory’s Coffee is a must-stop for those craving a tasty cup of coffee. In this cozy, welcoming cafe, you’ll enjoy a menu that spans flavored lattes and cold brews to warm breakfast food and delicious bakery goods. Not sure what to order? Try their Smashing Pumpkin coffee, made with Elmhurst cashew milk and mixed with their homemade pumpkin spice and signature cold brew. And for a savory meal, order their Deluxe sandwich, cooked with bacon, egg, and American cheese on a Brioche bun. 

Once you step inside, you’ll find the atmosphere is chic, modern style with plants dangling from the ceiling and a few mirrors hanging on the walls. You’ll also see a few tables and chairs spread out neatly and a counter to place your order, where you’ll get a closer view of their delicious pastries behind the glass.  

Whether you want to grab a coffee and warm sandwich on your way to work or stay and read a good book with an iced Hall & Oats latte in hand, the choice is yours. 

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