May 31, 2021

Have a Good Laugh at Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse

We all could use a good laugh—and that’s where Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse comes in. Amidst its calendar of events, Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse has a particular interest in comedy. Recently, its performers have brought experience from CBS, Comedy Central, Showtime, Netflix, HBO, and other notable platforms. Even if you don’t recognize a comedian’s name, you know they’ve got to be good at what they do in order to be booked alongside the cinema’s other comedic talent. Want to join in on the fun for yourself? If you have a special occasion on the horizon, a trip to Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse may be in order. Book the theater for a private comedy show, movie screening, birthday party, or other event for a chance to create lifelong memories with friends and family. 

Visiting Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse to sit in the audience during a show or scheduling your own private event, you’ll find yourself amidst almost a century of entertainment history. Enjoying a meal, sipping wine, or simply taking in a performance, your support helps make sure this historic place remains a humor hotspot for generations to come. 

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