October 31, 2020

Enjoy the Beauty of Fall at Potomac Overlook Regional Park

Potomac Overlook Regional Park is a must-visit spot to enjoy and educate yourself on nature while enjoying the beauty of the changing fall foliage. The park itself features 67 acres of land, both wild and cultivated, with trails, gardens, and various resources to help visitors of every age explore the natural world.

Visitors to the park will be delighted by its trails, in particular. Nearly two miles of the park’s paths make up the “scenic woodland hiking trails” which are suitable not only for even the most novice of hikers, but for the whole family. You can get up close and personal with nature along the trails while getting both fresh air and exercise. 

The interpretive garden, nature center, and The James I. Mayer Center for Environmental Education make for even more opportunities to experience animals and plants while visiting the park. Learn about the organic urban vegetable garden, its on-site water system, and the many ways that humans interact with this ecosystem in Arlington and beyond. 

For learning, for exercising, or just for spending a bit of time in the great outdoors, Potomac Overlook Regional Park has something for people of all ages, interests, and experience levels—whether that be hiking or nature knowledge—to enjoy. 

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