September 3, 2020

Take a Seat on the Dog-Friendly Patio at Copperwood Tavern

Whenever you sit down for a meal, there’s no doubt that your trusty canine companion will be close behind. You’re all too familiar with those pleading eye looking up at you, determined that you’ll pass a few bites along if they just stare hard enough. When you head to a restaurant, you might just find yourself missing that begging look—so why not let them enjoy your dinnertime out on the town too?

At Copperwood Tavern, you can enjoy a meal on their dog-friendly patio, and your pup might even be selected as their next dog of the month! Even more importantly, though, you’ll get a delicious meal. Enjoy farm-to-table American dishes such as dry-aged ribeye, braised rabbit, or lamb shank, coupled with a farmers salad or french onion soup. Share a side of smoked gouda mashed potatoes or house-made potato chips with your dinner companions or finish your meal with some peach bread pudding. And, of course, don’t forget to treat your dog, too—bring along something special if you’d rather not share your Tavern meal (or if you order something that isn’t safe for dogs).

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