September 23, 2020

Order the Bumble Coffee at This is Fine Coffee

This is Fine Coffee is an independently owned spot in Arlington with an inviting, laid-back feel. The shop is owned by a young couple, Jason Blevins and Anna Tsybko, who wanted to create a home-y, personal gathering place — the antithesis of coffee shop chains that you’ll find on every corner. 

Customers say it is a great place to get some work done and get your caffeine fix in. The shop is bright and vibrant, and is decorated with items from Jason and Anna’s apartment. The front of the cafe has large doors that can be opened all the way when it’s warm out, so you can experience some of the outdoors while you’re sipping on your coffee, too. The shop is also acting as an exhibit for local artists. There’s plenty of seating, WiFi, and in addition to high-quality coffee, the shop also offers breakfast sandwiches and pastries. 

Jason has a background in coffee-slinging: he spent two years at Java Shack. Some popular drinks include the iced chai and mocha. Their signature drink is the Bumble Coffee, which is popular in Eastern Europe. It is made with orange juice, espresso, and a dash off caramel, and is served over ice. It might not sound appetizing, but customers say the drink is unique and refreshing. 

This is Fine Coffee is open every day until 5 p.m. 

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