August 3, 2020

Step Back in Time at Ford C.F. Smith Park in Arlington

Spanning almost 20 acres set against the Potomac, Ford C.F. Smith Park in Arlington houses a wide enough array of attractions to appeal to almost anyone. More than ever, the open space and the beauty of natural landscape is a draw in and of itself, and the network of trails provides opportunities to wind your way through the wooded areas of the park.

History buffs can learn a bit about the site’s significance to the Civil War, and the importance of Forts C.F. Smith and Ethan Allen to the Union’s defense of Washington. Enthusiasts of 20th-century history can also explore the grounds of the Hendry House and admire its graceful architecture and ornamental gardens. Nature lovers can observe a variety of native and migratory birds at the creek and keep an eye open for other native wildlife like deer, foxes, and more. This place offers a little something for everyone.

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