May 1, 2020

Shop for Specialty Groceries at Mom’s Organic Market

In the late 1980s, Mom’s Organic Market started as a home delivery grocery service, specializing in organic produce. Since that time, this store has expanded into a regional chain that stretches across four states (and still offers home delivery). The Arlington location, set just between Lee Highway and McCoy Park, is well known among locals for its top-tier produce, excellent selection of vegan and vegetarian products, many bulk food options, and commitment to sustainability and recycling.

Obviously as a smaller, organic store, Mom’s doesn’t carry everything you would find at the big-box mega-markets, but the legions of repeat shoppers who make Mom’s a part of their household routine speak volumes. Online reviews of the store include lots of praise for its high-quality products, efficient customer service, and friendly atmosphere in the store. Check out the monthly sales flyer (available online) to get the latest updates on new products, sales, and special promotions.


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