September 13, 2019

Explore the Menu at Sidekick Bakery, Now Open Near Union on Queen

Sidekick Bakery is a newly opened bakery brought to Arlington locals from the folks behind Ted’s Bulletin, and early reviews suggest that it’s quickly becoming a local hotspot. When you visit, keep in mind that Sidekick is relatively small (about 400 square feet with two dozen seats), but don’t let its size fool you: this place has an outsized imagination. 

The menu is organized into sweet, savory, frozen, and drink categories, with inventive and unique flavor offerings like asiago egg and bacon breakfast sandwiches, or pop rock and cola croissants. When the temperature rises, stop by for an iced coffee or tea on nitro, or go for the "Snowdays" frozen blends (also available in vegan varieties). The bakery’s mid-century modern design, toe-tapping music, and trendy atmosphere make this bakery an attractive spot for everything from a breakfast date to picking up your daily cup of joe.

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