June 7, 2019

Grab a Craft Beer or Artisan Coffee at Heritage Brewpub & Roastery

Even if you just went to Heritage Brewpub & Roastery last week, you could stop by again today and see something new on the tap list. That’s because the craft brewers love to experiment with new beers, and they refresh their beer list with one of these experimental brews on a weekly basis. They call them “test beers,” which just means if you really love something, you should let them know—they might bring it back or even make it a staple.

Beer isn’t the only thing that’s brewing at Heritage. The staff also roasts and brews artisan coffee in house, crafting creative beverages like the Veritas Shandy. It’s a blend of creamy, nitrogen-infused cold-brew coffee and house-made lemonade. Pair your coffee with a slice of avocado toast or house-made granola complemented by yogurt, berries, and local honey. If you come later in the day, grab a beer and order wings, Chesapeake Bay oysters, or a house-made burger.

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