February 27, 2019

Play Arcade Games, Drink Craft Beer and Hang With Friends at Paradiso Game Room

A night at Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown doesn’t have to end with the last slice of your pie. Take a trip downstairs to the Paradiso Game Room for a friendly competition on their classic arcade games. This little nook has skee ball, pinball, darts and shuffleboard, plus a few electronic games like Mortal Kombat. 

Beer is the drink of choice here, with eight varieties on draft and over 60 types of craft cans, but a full bar is on hand as well. When you’re out for the night in Georgetown, whether you started at the Pizzeria upstairs or not, a few quick games at Paradiso Game Room is just the way to add a little bit of competition to your evening. Plus, the occasion smell of a fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza will waft through the air, your throwback pick will play from the jukebox, and you will be right back in high school at your favorite arcade hang out. You can even reserve Paradiso Game Room for your next event. 

Paradiso Game Room is open Tuesday through Sunday.

Play Arcade Games

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