July 26, 2018

Get Some Exercise Outdoors at Long Bridge Park

Long Bridge Park, located just north of Crystal City, has become one of the neighborhood’s most prized resources. The park is a model for sustainable development practices, with a rain garden that controls soil erosion and attracts native butterflies and other pollinators, as well as nature preserves that provide sanctuary for wetland species. Wave Arbor, a whimsical water feature designed by Doug Hollis, amuses local kids during the summer months, as do the pristine turf fields for soccer, football, and lacrosse.

The park’s extensive trails are good for birdwatching, taking a leisurely stroll, or working into your running routine Regulars also note that Long Bridge is especially good for speed work. Not a runner? No worries, as the park has plenty of seating, and impressive views of the Washington Monument and DCA.

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