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Enjoy Brunch This Weekend at the Rhodeside Grill

Hashbrowns tossed with roasted peppers and onions, topped with smoked pork, and crowned with a pair of eggs. Crispy fried chicken perched atop a warm buttermilk biscuit and smothered with country sausage gravy. Brioche French toast decorated with fresh strawberries, a dollop of whipped cream, a pat of butter, and a drizzle of maple syrup. When it comes time for weekend brunch, Rhodeside Grill delivers popular homestyle eats like these.

Rhodeside grill also offers up a few Tex-Mex brunch dishes on the menu, like the Rhodeside Rancheros. The chef starts with a crispy tortilla and eggs over medium, then adds a blend of cheeses, refried black beans, fresh salsa roja, and smoked pork. The breakfast burrito showcases similar ingredients, plus roasted peppers and pico de gallo, but stuffed inside of a wrap. Come to Rhodeside Grill this weekend to try any of the hot and fresh brunch dishes.

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