May 31, 2018

Badaro Dishes Up Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine

Distinguished by ample amounts of veggies and good fats, Mediterranean food is naturally healthy. It’s also versatile and tasty, a fact that Badaro capitalizes on. The eatery opened seven weeks ago with a Mediterranean menu that allows guests to build their own pita wrap, grain bowl, or salad.

Start by choosing one of the three foundations, and then add your preferred protein. Chicken and beef shawarma, lamb or chicken kabob, or kefta or falafel are your options. Next, choose up to five veggie-based toppings, such as spicy hummus, romaine lettuce, baba ghanoush, fried cauliflower, and grilled onions. As the final flourish, select a sauce such as tahini or tzatziki, garlic sauce, or spicy walnut or harissa sauce. Add a side of spinach pie, chicken vegetable soup, or fattoush salad to round out your meal at Badaro.

Badaro Dishes Up Healthy Mediterranean Cuisine sub image

Public Domain/Pixabay/jcvelis
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