March 15, 2018

Treat Yourself to Loaded Tater Tots for Brunch at Courthaus Social

Courthaus Social's brunch menu dedicates an entire section strictly to loaded tater tots. That's the mark of a chef who truly wants to delight his customers. What's more, the tots—like everything else on the menu—showcase fresh, locally sourced ingredients, and you'll probably taste the difference in every cheesy bite.

Try the breakfast-inspired tots decorated with bacon, egg, and beer cheese or the sausage gravy tots topped with a bratwurst and fried eggs, then freckled with pickled garlic and chili flakes. Not interested in the tots? Opt for a signature entree, such as the chicken and waffles with crispy fried scallions and a drizzle of maple syrup. You can also go strictly sweet when you dig into a stack of three pancakes stuffed with Nutella and topped with strawberries.

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