March 30, 2018

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio Emphasizes Exercise and Empathy in Equal Measure

Yoga is more than just a workout at Sun & Moon Yoga Studio. Since the first studio opened in 1995, instructors devoted to the all-encompassing practice of yoga have taught their studios how to carry the tenants of yoga outside of the studio. So when you begin to feel the stress-fighting, mind-clearing effects during a class, keep in mind that it doesn't have to end there.

You can take the breathing and meditative techniques you learn at Sun & Moon, along with the philosophy of inclusiveness and kindness, into your daily life. If you've never practiced yoga before, start with a six-week Intro to Yoga course that will teach you the fundamental moves and breathing techniques. Then move onto Level 1 classes, which will help you build on the basics, before starting a Level 2 or 3 practice. If you're looking for yoga that moves at a quicker clip, try Vinyasa, a style of practice that gets the blood pumping with an infusion of cardio.

Sun & Moon Yoga Studio

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap
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