January 11, 2018

Enjoy a Fresh Baked Good and a Cup of Joe at Detour Coffee

If you think there's something a little different about the baked goods at Detour Coffee, that's because there is. The staff crafts them from scratch each morning and bakes them in-house, so they're much fresher than the treats you'll find at a cafe that outsources the baking responsibilities. Since Detour Coffee just debuted about two months ago, when you come to try a freshly baked sweet, you'll be among the first to discover this new Arlington cafe.

Don't forget about the coffee, either. Detour sources its java beans from some of the best purveyors around the world, resulting in cups of coffee and espresso beverages that match the baked goods in terms of quality. Order a simple cup of drip coffee or indulge in something fancier, such as a latte or a flat white. You can also dig into a full meal at Detour, as the kitchen offers a menu of Mediterranean dishes for lunch and dinner.

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