November 29, 2017

Spin Enthusiasts and Yogis Find Inner Calm at Veni Vidi Velo

A balanced workout routine incorporates elements of strength-training and cardio. Veni Vidi Velo combines these athletic endeavors in a schedule that includes both yoga classes and spinning sessions. The diverse class offerings and warmth of the studio draw exercisers to Veni Vidi Velo for early-morning and after-work classes.

The spin studio boasts Computrainer cycles, which closely mimic the movements of bikes out on the open road. Not only do the bicycles continuously update you on your progress, including your speed and intensity level, they also move side to side with your body. After torching calories in a spin class, unwind and build strength at yoga. The studio's slow-flowing form of yoga helps to quiet the mind and tone muscles. Veni Vidi Velo offers classes almost every day of the week, so a fitness class should be able to fit into any schedule.

Spin Enthusiasts and Yogis Find Inner Calm here

Public Domain/Pixabay/StockSnap
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