August 18, 2017

National Parks Near Union on Queen

August 25th marks the National Park Service Birthday which means free admission to national parks for everyone. Head to one of these national parks near Union on Queen to celebrate and take in historic monuments and lush greenery.

Theodore Roosevelt Island 

Fittingly designed in honor of the former conservationist president Theodore Roosevelt, this island is the perfect place to hike wooded trails, kayak around and bird watch. Theodore Roosevelt Island is a nine minute drive or 18 minute metro ride from Union on Queen.

Arlington House Property

Visit this expansive national park which houses the Robert E. Lee Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, the Tombs of the Unknown and more. This has been called the most famous gravesite in the country and is home to hundreds of thousands of military graves. Arlington House is a five minute drive or 30 minute walk from Union on Queen.

George Washington Memorial Parkway 

Here, you can take a scenic drive through the parkway. Run along the trails or take time to reflect and stop at the overlooks throughout the park for a stunning view of the Potomac River. George Washington Memorial Parkway is a nine minute drive from Union on Queen.

Great Falls Park 

Great Falls Park is centered around the Potomac River, Mather Gorge and Patowmack Canal. Admire the jagged shoreline and explore this 800-acre park. Great Falls Park is a 36 minute drive from Union on Queen.

Which national park will you visit on the 25th? Lace up your tennis shoes, grab some friends and start exploring these Arlington area parks.

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