July 28, 2017

Arlington, VA Staycation

There is no need to leave home for a relaxing vacation. Let us help you plan your Arlington, VA staycation all while staying at Union on Queen.

Eat somewhere nice

Forget the budget on your staycation and eat out in Arlington at someplace you can splurge a little. We suggest Ray’s the Steaks, Pamplona¬†or Fiola Mare.

Go shopping

Stroll the aisles of Arlington’s Current Boutique modern consignment store or find something new for your place at Covet.

Relax on Union on Queen’s rooftop

Kick back under the night stars with a drink and skyline views of DC, or catch some rays during the day. Maybe even plan a night to have your friends over for a rooftop bonfire. It is your staycation, so do what you want!

Be a tourist

Take in the Potomac River on the Mount Vernon Trail or pay a visit to the Arlington National Cemetery. Just because you live in Arlington doesn’t mean you always get a chance to see the sights!

Get outside

The amount of parks in walking and driving distance from Union on Queen seems endless! Plan a bike ride to one, have a picnic there and enjoy nature close to home!

Now that we have some ideas started for you, get all of your plans in place for your Arlington, VA staycation!

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