July 13, 2017

Arlington Dogs: Places to Take Your Pooch

Now that you live (or are about to live) at Union on Queen, we need to get your pooch in with the other Arlington dogs. We’ve got all of the doggy details you need to know.


Arlington Dog Parks these eight dog parks are all driving or walking distance from Union on Queen and offer your pup a place to play with other furry friends. These are great places for your dog to get out all of their energy while you mingle with other Arlington pet owners.

The Mount Vernon Trail is walking distance from Union on Queen and a great place for exercise for everyone! Take a jog or walk with your pooch right along the Potomac River.

All of the Necessities 

Bark + Boarding is a full service doggy daycare, boarding place, groomer, in-house pet sitting and pet walking service all wrapped into one. They’ve been taking care of area pets since 1999!

Dogma Bakery has handmade doggy treats and grooming all in one place! Reward your pup with a yummy treat after getting all cleaned up.

Happy Grooming is Arlington’s top rated grooming service. If your dog has gotten too dirty, let the peeps here get them back to their beautiful furry selves.

Happy dog equals happy owner. We get it, that’s why we wanted to help you out with all of the Arlington dogs information. Now, go forth and enjoy your doggy days!


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