February 24, 2017

Chalk Art at Union on Queen by Patrick Owens

You may have noticed the beautiful piece of chalk art at Union on Queen, that stretches across an entire wall, but do you know the story or the artist behind the piece?

We asked D.C. chalk artist, Patrick Owens, to answer some questions about his beautiful chalk art creation that captures the essence of Union on Queen perfectly.

1. About how long did the piece take you to conceptualize and create?
From concept to execution it took about three days.

2. What primary drawing techniques did you use on this piece?
Since the angles of the triangles were random I was able to improvise the layout once I centered the logo. Beyond that it was mostly straight-forward line work and fill ins. (A lot of fill ins!)

3. Do you just do chalk art or are there other mediums you like to create with?
In addition to chalk and chalk markers, I tend to work with acrylic markers quite often. They have the look and feel of chalk but it’s much less mess and much more permanence to the pieces, which is ideal when it’s located in a high traffic area. The lack of chalk dust is also a nice change!

4. What type of feel did you want this particular piece to have/portray?
I wanted there to be depth to the background with the logo popping with color. Something that both blends into and complements the background while also standing out on it’s own.

5. What about Union on Queen’s property/branding inspired your work? 
Union on Queen has a very similar background that is used in their branding so I wanted to stay in line with that, but punch it up a little with slightly bolder colors.

A big thanks from Union on Queen to Patrick for our beautiful chalk art creation! We love supporting local talent. Stop by Union on Queen to see the beautiful chalk art piece for yourself. Just give us a call at 844-309-0170.

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