February 17, 2017

A+ Burgers in Arlington

What’s juicy, stacked with your favorite toppings, and between two buns? BURGERS!

Whether you like all-beef, black bean or everything in-between, burgers are an undeniable staple for most people’s cheat days.

The great news is that if you live at Union on Queen in Arlington, VA, you’ll be close to some yummy burger options. So many in-fact, that you are going to need some guidance as to where to start in your burger eating conquest.

Here’s what we think:

Start with Big Buns for a “damn good burger.” You can build your own or try one of their designer burgers, and the options are endless. Just for your burger base you can choose between an Angus Beef Burger, Wagyu Beef Burger, Bison Burger, Chicken Breast, Turkey Burger, Lamb Burger, Ahi Tuna, or Veggie Burger. Options are the way to go in burger world. Trust us.

To be able to devour your scrumptious burger in more of a bar setting, try Citizen Burger Bar. Burgers and beer are their tried and true combo, and they like to call their burgers “The People’s Burger.” So if you are a person, there is good chance you might like their food.

If you are conscientious about what your burger is made out of, Basic Burger is your place. They are all about basic, locally-sourced ingredients. Basically, it’s delicious.

You’ve probably heard of Shake Shack before, if you haven’t already tried this fan favorite, but the good news is their burgers are just as good as their shakes. And, the even better news, is there is one super close to Union on Queen. It’s what shake/burger dreams are made of.

We obviously are big fans of burgers and living close to as many of them as we can get our hands on. If you are too, Union on Queen is the place to be! Give us a call at 844-309-0170.

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