December 16, 2016

Pets are Priority at Union on Queen

People and pets. Like peanut butter and jelly, they tend to be inseparable.

We get that, at Union on Queen in Arlington, VA.

Pets will always be welcome here, and even better than that, we will treat them just like you do — like family.

When you need a groomer, we will help. When you need a good vet, we will be full of great recommendations. Pets services are our speciality.

We will do even better than just helping you take care of your animals, we will host pet events for you and your furry/non-furry friends too. Fun is key when you have great animal friends around.

For those dog owners, our location in Arlington is great for a nice walk with your K-9 after work. Union on Queen is close to everything, and is set in a beautiful area for exercise for you and your pup.

We care about what you care about at Union on Queen — Pets! Bring yours and tour your next home.

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