December 9, 2016

Live in Historical Arlington, VA

Union on Queen is the perfect mix of old and new, modern and historical, indoors and outdoors. That yin and yang doesn’t stop when you leave Union on Queen to explore the historical city of Arlington, VA.

Arlington is full of history to see, experience, and commemorate.

The Arlington Historical Museum is home to the town’s history, but is also the former Hume School building, which is the oldest building in Arlington County.

What attracts a lot of visitors to the area is the Arlington National Cemetery. According to its website, the “Arlington National Cemetery is the final resting place for more than 400,000 active duty service members, veterans and their families. Service to country is the common thread that binds all who are remembered and honored at Arlington.”

Another must go is the Arlington House, Robert E. Lee Memorial. According to its website, “The Robert E. Lee Memorial honors Lee’s military and public leadership in pre- and post-Civil War America. Congress designated the memorial to recognize that ‘the desire and hope of Robert E. Lee for peace and unity within our Nation has come to pass.'”

These sites are just a taste of the history and culture that Arlington, VA offers. Union on Queen is the perfect place to live to be able to easily experience as much of Arlington as you can.

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