November 18, 2016

Union on Queen: Taking the Commute Out of Living Since 2016

Commuting is a thing of the past when you live at Union on Queen.

Stressing out about sitting in traffic to and from work, worrying about what emissions from your car are polluting the environment, or missing an opportunity to exercise on the way to work don’t have to be a part of your life anymore.

Union on Queen is the perfect place to quit your traditional commute.

Take advantage of Union on Queen’s on-site Bikeshare program. No better way to burn some calories and relieve some stress on your way to work.

If the weather doesn’t permit biking, use the on-site Carshare program instead! It is a great way to avoid putting miles on your car.

What is even better than biking or carsharing? Using one of Union on Queen’s 65 Smart Strip passes for the bus. No driving or biking worries and easy on the environment.

Though all of these way to get around are great, nothing beats good ol’ fashioned walking! Union on Queen is close to so many Arlington, VA companies.

So many ways to change up your commute, so little time to start leasing at Union on Queen. Come check us out today!

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